Tuesday, February 2, 2021

Are you ready to get "Woke"?

"Hot mike" moment caught on video as they set up for a meeting of the Coronovirus Task Force in Washington, D.C. (Video about 4 minutes):
Watch another video (about 9 minutes) from Trevor Winchell on The American Patriots website.

In another video (about 26 minutes) from Trevor Winchell:
"On the surface, it is a classic tale of whistleblowing."

"A brave insider claiming to lay bare corporate power corrupting the US government. A truth teller courageously naming names who are part of what she calls a “circular cabal” killing Americans

I first watched the video above when it was posted on YouTube. YouTube removed the video in very short order; in other words it contained information they didn't think you should see.

If you would like to read some documents that have been "declassified" by President Trump that have been released so far, here is a good place to start; they are all there.

I hope you will view these videos and review the declassified docs; then make up your own mind about what the HELL is going on.

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