Monday, June 21, 2021

Barry Soetaro and T.D.S. (Trump Derangement Syndrome)

In 2011, long before he ran for office, Donald Trump tried to tell everyone that Barack Obama was not a natural born citizen and was not qualified to take the office of the President.

No one was interested...that was the start of T.D.S. President Trump was constantly ridiculed by the fake news media; members of the cabal; RINOs; and many Republicans including some who now believe that Trump is the greatest President of our lifetime.

Shortly, everyone will know just what Donald J. Trump has done to save us all.

Here is a video showing proof that President Trump was correct; even Barack and Michelle (aka Michael) made several slip-ups admitting to the fact that Obama is a Muslim from Kenya.

My friends, it is time to wake up and know your enemies; Donald J. Trump is not your enemy!

So now, here we are with a "fake" President that has been selling us to the Ukraine and China for many years; who clearly has severe mental acuity problems; and on top of that, is a pedophile. His daughter's diary even acknowledges that he molested her as a child.

Plus, we have a Vice President who is a man dressed as a woman; and like Obama is not a natural born citizen, and can never be President.

Both of these traitors are playing the part of President and Vice President in a Castle Rock Studio located outside of Washington, D.C. 

What do you have to say about that, Kamala?

Good Grief!


The truth is starting to pour out; perhaps a little late for some, but nevertheless, you have to question the motives of our U.S. politicians at this point. For the second time, the British are first to warn of the need to stop the madness in a conservative news publication.

As I reported a couple of days ago, a conservative British publication let everyone know about the FDA issuing a warning that the PCR tests were dangerous. There was not a word about the issue from the fake new media or politicians in the U.S. Keep in mind that the FDA is a United States entity!

Now, it has just been reported by OAN (One News Network, another conservative news publication) that researchers in the U.K. have called for a halt to all vaccine use immediately...listen to the video excerpt below:

You can watch the entire news segment on OAN at Chinese Virus Vaccine Produces ‘Toxic’ Effects, British Researchers Call On Govt. To Halt Use Immediately

From the American Medical Association encylcopedia of disease dated 1989; Coronovirus is the common cold:

What Falsie and his friends have done through "gain of function" research is to "weaponize" the "common cold" virus and then create an "experimental" vaccine; they then set out to convince the world's population it is safe to "take the jab". They have tried everything, free donuts; lotterty tickets; free college tuition; beer, etc.; doesn't that alone make you say "Huh!"

This Fall, now that people who have taken the vaccine have immune deficiencies caused by the vaccine, they plan to create another "plan-demic virus" more deadly than this one.

My questions remain and they need to be answered:
1. What is the cabal using to blackmail physicians; nurses and politicians so that they are willing to "push" the vaccine even for children as young as toddlers?

2. Is it a promise of grant money or cash to enhance their own pockets or is it promises of support in the next election cycle?

3. Or, are these people just too stupid and lazy to do the research instead deciding to neglect their oaths to the people?
Believe it or not, my friends, even though you do not see anything happening right now, we are in a covert world war where biological weapons are being deployed and you, my friends, are the target.

Please folks, I cannot stress enough to those who are considering taking it, think again.

And please pray for our military, they are in the frontlines of this war; they are brave men and women who have our backs every day.

This is not a game..wait until you see some of the other "research" that has been done to create unimaginable "things"..


It's real...

Remember Ever Given, the ship that is owned by the Evergreen Shipping Agency that was stuck in the Suez Canal and had to unload its cargo in order to get free? Do you know what the military found on the ship?

According to USA Today dated March 21, 2021, How did Evergreen's ship get stuck in the Suez Canal and create the world's heaviest traffic jam?
"Its owners originally said high winds in a sandstorm pushed the ship sideways, wedging it into both banks of the waterway. Containers stacked on deck may have acted as a sail."

"However, the chairman of Egypt's Suez Canal Authority said Saturday, without giving details, that weather conditions "were not the main reasons" for the grounding, and that "there may have been technical or human reasons," the BBC reported. An investigation is ongoing."
FYI, the ship was not stuck due to winds, nor technical nor human reasons...we are in a war with the cabal, my friends! Don't ever underestimate the power and resolve of our military.

If you think for one minute our military didn't know the cargo that ship was carrying and don't have the ability to change the ship's course, you don't know the determination of President Donald J. Trump and our military to end human trafficking and to stop the cabal before they were able to use the weapons on the Ever Given ship against innocent civilians!

By the way, the Ever Given has ties to both Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama...

Sunday, June 20, 2021

D.U.M.B.s...Deep Underground Military Bases...

I have reported on these tunnels on this blog several times.

Today, I wanted to show you a video so you can see for yourself the enormity of these tunnels that span across the United States as well as other countries around the world:

Here is the map of the tunnels in the U.S. that I have shown you before:

The last I heard, the military is still rescuing children from tunnels and afterwards blowing up the tunnels to prevent any further use of the tunnels for child trafficking.

Here is a video of a tunnel being blown up on the Canada side of Niagara Falls.

From the person videotaping:
"This is in Niagara Falls, Canada taken June 15 at 8:50 p.m. There were mass explosions for 1.5 hours starting at 8:30 until almost 10 p.m. There were 4 military craft flying around before, during and after this video. I have lived in the falls 15 years, these are NOT fireworks. Fireworks don't shake your house and the ground and fireworks dont have black smoke and they certainly do not last 1.5 hours.

There are also several secret submarine tunnels which have been used and are being destroyed by our military for the same reason:

Over 800,000 children are missing each year. The military are our heroes; they have saved many children from these horrors.

However, before I end this blog post, I want you to see just one of the many children who has suffered beyond imagination:
Please pray for the innocent children and pray for the brave men and women of our military

Please remember when you start seeing the list of personalities that have engaged in this evil doing, even if one of them is someone you have idolized in the past, they deserve no mercy; do not feel sorry for them.

They have been torturing our children for many years; it is time to close this chapter of our history and end the suffering of our most precious gifts from God...our children.

Dr. Jane Ruby...PCR TESTS

From The Stew Peters Show:

"Her recent discovery shows that the people responsible, in part, for developing magnetofection technology for the injections being falsely referred to as 'vaccines', shares a business address with the manufacturer of the highly-questioned PCR tests being used to detect the 'virus' in potential COVID patients."

Now listen to a World Health Organization whistleblower...

Next, meet Dr. Kary Mullis, winner of the 1993 Nobel Prize in Chemistry and inventor of the PCR test. He says that his PCR test, now used worldwide to diagnose SARS-CoV-2, was NOT designed to "find the virus. Dr. Mullis died under suspicious circumstances.

Here are two of his videos:

PCR tests are being used for bloodline DNA tests; they have nothing to do with Covid. It's why goats, papayas and redbull all tested positive.

Now let's connect the dots...let me introduce you to a few members of the cabal.

Why do they want my DNA? The words "cleansing" and "depopulation" comes to mind...

This plan-demic was the beginning of the end for our freedoms; you have no idea...