Tuesday, May 11, 2021


Meet a member of the Rothschild family...

The royal family is afraid of them.

Any law that is written must be approved by them.

Presidents are elected by them. If they do not elect a president, he will be killed. Alternatively, his government will be destroyed.

They manage social networks.

Why does no news speak against them?
-- Because "fake" news networks take money from them.

Washington, D.C. May 9 and May 10, 2021...

Richard Citizen Journalist is currently in Maricopa County, Arizona watching the audit of the 2020 election. For now, Nancy Drew is watching Washintong, D.C. and sending videos of what she is observing.

Shortly after midnight, Nancy sent us six (6) videos showing some commotion taking place in front of the White House and Capitol. I am not sure what to make of it at this point, but here is what was sent between late evening on May 9th and 1:05 a.m. this morning, May 10th:

Doesn't look like a normal evening in Washington, D.C. to me. Something is going on...I have an idea, but without confirmation from Nancy who is on the ground, I will reserve my opinion for now.

Hopefully, I will get more videos from Nancy and other people we have on the ground in D.C.

Monday, May 10, 2021


County Executive Picente...even New York's Failed Governor Cuomo knows you cannot mandate the "quackccines".

Cuomo should have been saying that right from the start...wonder what made him decide to speak up! I think I know...

Picente said on a recent phone interview on Talk of the Town radio that he would like to mandate the Fauci fraudulent vaccine for certain workers; better give that some thought Picente!

If I were Miscione and members of his "crew", I would also back off pleading with people to get the jab. You would think the town attorney would know enough to advise Miscione against pleading with people to get an experimental vacccine. I wonder why Miscione's doctor friend, who serves as the town's medical director, didn't speak up and advise Miscione to back off.

I predict that very soon...sooner than Dr. Falsie would like...we will no longer be wearing masks; the vaccines will be unavailable and a lot of declassified documents will be unleashed letting everyone know what has been happening while you were asleep.

Time to wake up, my friends!

Eye of the Tiger....

Time to wake up, my friends!!!